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Our Services are Essential

Whatever the job, CD Drilling  has the management and work force to satisfy your needs.

Directional Drilling

Directional drilling is the preferred method of utility installation throughout Western Australia. It has minimal impact on surroundings and the environment because of the technique used.

All Terrain Drilling (Rock Drilling)

All Terrain Drilling is a specialised method that allows drilling in extremely adverse conditions. Most commonly used in rocky environments where smaller directional drills cannot penetrate.


We pride ourselves on offering professional excavation and trenching services with a natural emphasis for safety and environmental impact.

BYDA Service

Service locations are the key to successful drilling operations. Therefore the technology used is critical and uncompromised in the early detection of underground services.

General Process of Works


  • Look at the job in detail.
  • Work out what is required.
  • Break down into essential features.


  • Methods to complete the job successfully.
  • A proposal to complete the job safely.
  • Taking in environmental, health and safety issues.


  • Following the plan, complete the works.
  • Operates in a safe environment.
  • Delivering a professional standard.


  • Is the customer happy.
  • Gather any information.
  • Following up on any health and safety issues.


  • Was the work completed as per standards.
  • Gather any information.
  • Make any necessary changes.