Fitzroy River Crossing—Emergency Works

In January 2023, the Fitzroy River Bridge was damaged during a 1 in 100 year flood, which also destroyed the wastewater pressure main attached to the underside of the bridge. Within a matter of months, CD Drilling had mobilised to site and installed over 600 metres of a new, permanent wastewater main at 30 metres below the Fitzroy River to provide greater protection from flood events.

The timeframe and cost of completing the new permanent installation was cheaper and faster than some of the temporary options being investigated! Repairs to Telstra infrastructure were also able to be undertaken, securing the communications network for the next event. It was a challenge going from concept to delivery on such an important project, but the work was completed without fault.

Fitzroy Crossing (Fitzroy River), Western AustraliaWater Corporation
Pipe Size & MaterialLengthGround Type
1,000m (Pipeline)
500m (Longest borehole)
Pindan/Shale/Clay/Sand/River Stone/Sandstone

Richmond Street—Canning River Crossing

In 2021, the Water Corporation determined the requirement to upgrade an existing steel wastewater pipeline under the Canning River to a twin DN630 HDPE pipeline. CD Drilling was consulted to assist in the constructability of the work, which resulted in recommendations and a re-design to ensure successful installation.

Once the HDD design was finalised, CD Drilling mobilised to site in late 2022 with our new 130,000lbs drill rig, and successfully installed both pipes underneath the river.

Cannington (Canning River), Western AustraliaWater CorporationSewer
Pipe Size & MaterialLengthGround Type
2 x DN630 HDPE500m (Pipeline)
250m (Longest borehole)

Centurion Way WWPM Upgrade

In 2019, Water Corporation engaged CD Drilling to upgrade 1.7km of DN450 HDPE sewer pressure main in Busselton, due to regular failures of the existing DN300 PVC pressure main.

It was discovered that the majority of the works were through high strength Tamala Limestone and through environmentally sensitive areas including protected vegetation, endangered species habitat and heritage areas. CD Drilling used their all-terrain capabilities as a head contractor to install the whole pipeline using HDD, which caused minimal disturbance to the public, residents and the environment. The works were successfully commissioned and CD Drilling won the 2020 CCF Environmental Earth Award for completing a project of that size with zero environmental impact.

Busselton, Western AustraliaWater CorporationSewer
Pipe Size & MaterialLengthGround Type
DN450 HDPE1.7km (Pipeline)
320m (Longest borehole)
High strength limestone